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Audacious Faith: A Lifestyle of Promise

18 Jul

From May 22nd to June 29th I had the honor and privilege of filling the pulpit at the First Baptist Church in Thomson, GA, where I serve as Minister of Students. Our pastor retired from active ministry on May 15th. The Pastor Search Committee approached me to fill in while they looked for a long-term interim pastor. I humbly accepted the opportunity and holy responsibility of bringing a message from the Lord for His people on a weekly basis. And it gave me a whole new appreciation of the challenge of preparing weekly messages in addition to all the other demands of ministry. Wearing the hats of youth minister AND preacher at the same time is no easy task! But by the grace of God, I survived. More than that, I think I actually thrived. I truly enjoyed the opportunity.

And so, I thought I would share these messages with a broader audience. I will be posting the links to the audio of these sermons here on my blog. I will try to post a new one every couple of days. When the committee approached me to preach, I was reading Steven Furtick’s book, “Sun Stand Still,” and was prompted to further study the book of Joshua as a result. These sermons came out of this study, with some inspiration from Furtick’s book (which I highly recommend). I felt that where our church was in this time of transition was similar to where the Children of Israel where as they transitioned from being a people wandering in the wilderness to a people conquering and settling the Promised Land, from following Moses to following Joshua. May you find encouragement and words of challenge as you listen to these sermons on “Audacious Faith.”

Audacious Faith sermon #1:  A Lifestyle of Promise